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Precision, respect, tradition

Our commitment, Our values

“Our philosophy is based on respect and personal standards, which we have to expand and improve ourselves. This is the foundation of our business and we make every effort to transmit these values to all of our associates. We want to have a welcoming business where we know everyone and where everyone can find fulfillment and contribute to making Tonnellerie de Mercurey a reference point in the industry.

To achieve this the aim is to be at the forefront of our profession, both in terms of our respect for the environment, as well as our artisan traditions, and we always strive to find the best possible solutions to attain these core objectives.
We are fully focused on these core objectives. Our client’s satisfaction is paramount, the feeling of a job well done is knowing we have fulfilled the expectations of our clients who have purchased and used our barrels.”


Carole and Nicolas TARTERET